Since 1972 – Specializing in the Best of New York

Judson Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage firm that has played an integral role in the development of the luxury retail corridors in New York City. From premiere hotels and leading galleries to the finest luxury retail brands, Judson Realty has helped business owners, investors and landlords realize their vision in New York.

For over four decades the Company has been able to leverage its extensive relationships to identify off-market deals, provide the expertise, the contacts, and the full-time personal partnerships that are essential for success in New York’s competitive real estate market.

Judson Realty is set apart from other firms by it’s knowledge of the market, long standing relationships with Landlords and Tenants and it’s full range of services to guide transactions from start to finish.

  • Stuart S. Ellman
    Executive Director
    T: 212.974.1900
    Executive Director Stuart Ellman specializes in commercial property for luxury retailers and major landlords. He has worked at Judson Realty since 1989 and is a leading expert in the luxury retail market. Mr. Ellman has cultivated extensive relationships with international, high-profile tenants, providing site direction and guidance to maximize their businesses and brand recognition.

    Since joining Judson Realty, LLC, Mr. Ellman has achieved an outstanding record of successful negotiations and real estate deals. Using a customized, hands-on approach and personalized marketing strategies, he has completed more deals on Madison Avenue between 57th and 80th Streets than perhaps any other single broker. His expertise and long-term relationships extend throughout the Upper East Side and SoHo, and he has developed a reputation for integrity in servicing premier specialty retailers and galleries. He is a long standing member of the Real Estate Board of New York Stores Committee.
  • Helene Wall Fagan
    Executive Director
    T: 212.974.1900
    Helene Wall Fagan has over 25 years’ experience with Judson Realty as a broker specializing in commercial properties on Madison Avenue and across the Upper East Side. She takes pride in having quietly contributed to the ever-changing face of “the Avenue,” and in serving a broadly diverse spectrum of landlords and tenants alike. Her diplomatic skills have earned the respect and recognition of her peers.

    Ms. Fagan served as the chair for admissions on the New York Real Estate Board’s Stores Committee for more than 10 years, and she currently retains her position as a committee and board member. She has closed well in excess of 200 leasing contracts on the Upper East Side, ranging in size from small, mom-and-pop stores to some with frontages spanning half a full block.
  • Nicholas Judson
    T: 212.974.1900
    Nicholas Judson joined Judson Realty, in 2003 and has focused on commercial leasing in the Plaza district and the Upper Eastside. His understanding of the market has made him a go to source. In combination with his retail leasing on the Madison and Lexington Avenue corridors, he makes a particular specialty of working with the most select art galleries in New York.

    Born on the Upper East Side, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Vanderbilt University in engineering. With training in information technology and telecommunications, he founded a firm that specialized in developing data communication systems for small business applications. His background in technology has helped him to center in on the best locations for his clients.

    He is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York Sales Committee. Among other valuable charities he is a long time supporter of the Brazil Foundation and Brazil Child Health.
  • E. William Judson
    Managing Member
    T: 212.974.1900
    The Judson Realty, LLC, management team is headed by E. William Judson.

    After graduating magna cum laude from Harvard, he worked on Wall Street as a securities analyst.

    In 1958 he joined the agricultural and real estate management firm of Oppenheimer Industries, Inc. Seeing a need for expertise in investment, improvement and management of prime commercial property in New York City, he chose this as his area of expertise. His perception proved accurate, and he was soon placed in charge of Oppenheimer’s eastern real estate operations.

    Acquiring this division from Oppenheimer Industries in 1972 and forming it into Judson Realty, LLC, he focused on high-end properties on the Upper East Side. In the process, he has served as managing general partner of both the Mark Hotel and the American Stanhope Hotel.

    Mr. Judson enjoys an excellent reputation for the execution of improvement and development plans, the delivery of maximum return and growth commensurate with tolerable limits of risk, and the professional management of assets entrusted to the company by clients.
  • Ian Judson
    T: 212.974.1900
    Ian Judson first joined Judson Realty in 1995 as a member of the building management team. In subsequent years Mr. Judson has held various roles throughout the organization from acquisitions to leasing activities. He currently serves as Director where he has focused on advancing the commercial leasing and development activities of the firm in lower Manhattan.

    Mr. Judson received his B.A. in political economy from Tulane University. He serves as managing partner of Valence Ventures, an early stage digital media fund based in New York City. He is a devoted supporter of the arts and a member of committees at the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mr. Judson is also involved with a number of local charitable organizations including ACE: Association for Community Employment, where he serves as a committee member.
  • Maria Giannasca
    Director of Management
    T: 212.974.1900 ext 300
    A savvy entrepreneur, she is responsible for construction supervision and accounting oversight among numerous other duties.

    She began her career as an assistant bookkeeper at Morgan Holding, a privately owned firm. Years later, by the time she left to start her own real estate company, she was the managing agent for all 45 buildings in the company's portfolio and had performed one of the very first co-op conversions in New York City at 55 East 65th Street.

    Mrs. Giannasca has been with Judson Realty, LLC, since 1991.